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The Return of the Sunset

And finally I’m back with some more sunsets from my favourite holiday destination: Cape Town. There is something about the combination of light, clouds and the Atlantic Ocean that make this place the sunset lovers & photographer’s dream.
I have also started an instagram account so follow me @sluttysunsets for regular sunset posts and sunset related innuendo. http://instagram.com/sluttysunsets

I love this tree. I love these colours.

I love this tree. I love these colours.

Along with the sea and clouds and sunsets, the boats are pretty nice to watch.

Along with the sea and clouds and sunsets, the boats are pretty nice to watch.

More to come!


Veld sunset

And the sunsets are back.
This time there is no sea, just hills and open veld.
Taken near Addo Elephant Park in Eastern Cape, South Africa.



Unfortunately for me, my camera was stolen at the end of my holiday in Florence (just a little shout out, if anyone has found a Canon powershot in SpaceElectronic in August…?).

Even more unfortunately for me, all my photos of all the beautiful places I visited and loved are no more.

To this day it’s the photos I am more sorry about.

In the back of a suitcase I found my old camera so I am able to document my slightly less eventful but still oh-so-lovely visit to the Scottish West Coast and Isles.






Right now I am meant to be revising. Instead I am procrastinating.
Yesterday I discovered the masterful and addictive app ‘snapseed’. So very very dangerous.
However I have enclosed a selection of my creations so far. All original photos.




My other primary form of distraction had been music making and I have finally invested in a soundcloud account onto which I have uploaded two songs. Give them a listen
Leila’s Soundcloud


The sunsets continue. However, in these photos I am focusing more on the silhouettes and the stark contrast of light and dark.




My Favourite Time

I am considering changing my blog name. Or at least adjusting it, because, judging by the percentage of sunset related posts here, it should be leilalovessunsets.

So don’t hold onto your hats. . .

I have some more sunset pics to share with you.

it first seemed like an eye in the sky, with the blue peaking through, underlined by orange.

then the orange became bolder and brighter and purple started to appear on the sea. In the distance, a ship crossing the horizon.

then the darkness. To the left, you can see rain showers blackening the orange sky.


Yes. Another Sunset Post.

I’m not sure if I should apologise for making this such a theme, or just feel really lucky to have seen so many beautiful sunsets. But. Here is the most spectacular sunset I have seen to date. These are taken in Cape Town.


Hornet's pause


The last two were taken at Kirstenbosch Garden in the smelling plants. I was fascinated by the light coming through the hornet’s wings, enough to risk a sting (which fortunately didn’t happen) as I fought with my cameras measly zoom. The bug (I don’t know what type!) seemed to be at one with the plant it was on that it was only through the photographing the hornet that I noticed it.

Bug's Life.

The above images are all part of my look at the still moments of insects. So often when we jump away from them in horror, we miss out on their structured silhouette, or the seeming harmlessness of them in their stationary state.


Mountain and Sea

There are relatively few cities that claim that not only are they shadowed over by a mountain, but that the sea touches at their feet. Cape Town is one of them. Part of the reason that I consider her the most beautiful and photogenic of cities.

Here are a few more photos from visit there over Christmas, focussing on the relationship between Table Mountain and the Sea.

My friend, captured in a moment of appreciation.

Taking the cable car down (my knees didn't want to experiment with Plattekloof) I took this photo as the window rotate to look up at the mountain. It was then that I realised the full perspective of size.

On top of Table Mountain, looking south through the clouds. It was such an eery experience to walk through clouds.


This photo gives a sense of how close some of the clouds get to the surface of the mountain (and sometimes swallow you up). You can also see a distant glimmer of sea.

It was impossible to resist the temptation to pose. Also to feel the lift of fresh air under my arms and through my hair. The view was amazing. However a little terrifying to get to this spot as it was a few jumps over a few overhangs and gorges.



Visit to Sacré Coeur

My next subject: Sacré Coeur. Yes another typical tourist attraction.

Though this time felt a little less touristy, only because I ended up approaching it from the other side.

Almost no one was there. And the sky was so beautiful.