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Say NO to Bullying


I thought I would share this beautiful look that someone posted on a site I’m on -lookbook (see links =>)- and thought that not only was it beautiful, but the message that she posted along with it was more significant and touching.

As I multi-task: typing, ‘revising’ and watching Lady Gaga’s HBO special, I’m realising how much lives can change. How the individual who is picked on at school can become world famous (Lady Gaga amongst many others) but that we will always face some sort of struggle to achieve what we want.

I was bullied when I was younger. I was fat. Weird. Different. INDIVIDUAL. From that point, I have grown into someone stronger, someone who knows that if I can’t rely on the people I’m surrounded by, then I can rely on myself. I have performed at Wigmore Hall. I will be performing at Buckingham Palace. I have amazing friends. Tomorrow I will be auditioning for a solo at Wigmore Hall. I have taken control of my life.

Sadly, some people in the world lose faith in themselves, and listen to the harsh and cruel words that the ignorants out there believe they have the right to say. And some people can’t face this anymore. So I say: SAY NO TO BULLYING


A Short Note

So I don’t have much time at the moment. Not really sure why I started this blog just before exams. But oh well.

This weekend is hectic.

So I sang at a wedding this afternoon and got a lovely clap at the end. The first wedding I’ve ever been too, so that was exciting. And I got some lovely compliments for it. BUT. My time to brag. One of the compliments came from none other JACQUETTA WHEELER! And yes she is as stunning as she is on the cover of Tatler and Vogue. So yes. That was lovely. I am so tempted to post the picture I sneakily took with her. but no. She is far too skinny, tall and pretty for me to look any good next to her! So I’ll give you this instead:

Oscar De La Renta 2008

Dior Couture 2007

And then tomorrow. Ahhh. I am making my Wigmore Hall debut! And my mother’s decided to invite ALL of our neighbours/possibly the whole town… I have the dress sorted, which is a relief, but to be honest, I am literally so terrified that I’m going to forget my part, or that I’m going to sound dreadful (to be fair, it’s quite hard to sound beautiful whilst singing in a man’s range whilst being a woman).

But what is really stressing me out is that monday morning I have a French speaking exam. Am I going to remember ANY of what I learnt in Paris? OR am I just going to waffle on in my fluent franglish and fail. We’ll wait and see.

The Royal Marriage: Sarah Burton to King McQueen

So everyone in the world pretty much knows what the big occasion was today.

But, in case you live under a rock-which is a brave lifestyle choice-, this is what’s so big: Prince William and Catherine Middleton.

For most people, the most important thing that people wanted to know, was not -surprisingly- if Prince Harry had brought the rings, but rather, what did Catherine’s dress look like and who had designed it. And of course, it was beautiful!¬†English lace and French Chantilly lace, ivory and white satin gazar with the underskirt made of silk tulle trimmed with Cluny lace. Sarah Burton truly has proved herself as the creative director of McQueen.

However. I thought, well I might as well do a blog in dedication to all my favourite masterpieces of Alexander McQueen. Yes, I know that there have been sooooo many posts about McQ and his life, and his works, but to be honest, if his creativity inspired the continuation of his brand and the creation of such a stunning wedding dress, then WHY NOT! And also I found a little list I made from a couple of years ago where I wrote down all my favourite McQueen dresses, amongst my revision kit.

Not so chronologically:

What I absolutely love about his works, are they are exactly that. Works of art. Each item has that individual attention applied to it. I’m not saying that other designers are lacking in that pendantic attitude to their craft. But what is special about each McQueen piece is that each of them creates their own world or should I say fantasy, whilst keeping with the theme of the collection. And yet, he also maintained a continuation of a theme through all of his collections. Whether it’s a certain element of gold that shows up on a few pieces, or that he seems to have an obsession with feathers, each collection showing a different perspective of their significance. Regal? Sinister? Both…

Sadly I am not rich enough to own anything by him, but I hope that Sarah Burton keeps with his ethos of fantasy so that when the day that I become rich, I will be able to own part of his dimension.

But all I can say for now, is that she really proved herself as a good replacement for him, and that she also encapsulated everything that the Royal Wedding was about: over the top in the most understated way. The wedding dress could not have been more perfect. But also, McQueen’s vision is a hard one to recreate.

That’s all for now….

(Photos thanks to dailymail and Style.com)