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I travelled to Lyon, France during the summer.

Such a beautiful city, with the Rhone and Saone rivers flanking the centre of town photogenically, and the perfect size for a pedestrian.

Here are 2 sunset trips from the trip!

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Autumn Leaving

At the end of the road near my university, is a beautiful park which everyday I walk past, and since October have been following the rapid changes in the leaves. Finally today I remembered (not so loved) camera and took a few pictures, just to try capture the broad spectrum of oranges and reds that have dappled the trees.

Just as I walked into the park I realised that the two trees at the other end created this rather wonderful impression!

I just loved this little window of green shuttered by the fallen and soon to fall leaves.

Autumn Leaves

Last weekend I went for a walk through the woods with my sister and was amazed to see how much everything had changed. The leaves were turning to orange, speckled grey, and only the occasional glimpse of summer green.